Edsel Citation

1958 Ford Edsel Citation

The Edsel Citation was the top of the line automobile produced by the former Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln Division of the Ford Motor Company of Dearborn, Michigan, and sold through its Edsel marque in 1958. The Citation was built on the longer, wider Edsel platform, shared with Mercury,and with the Corsair.1958-edsel-citation-1

Citation was one of two Edsel model names later usedby another auto manufacturer, Pacer being the other.CURRIES CITATION1

The Citation represented the highest trim level available within the Edsel brand. In addition to deluxe interior appointments, the Citation also received extra stainless steel details and a gold-anodized aluminum cove panel. The cove (or rear quarter-panel “scallop”) could be painted either the color of the body, the color of the roof, or a third color (tri-tone paint option). It used a ladder type frame with welded box side rails[6] and independent ball-joint front suspension.Edsel Citation

Riding on a 124 in (2997 mm) wheelbase with a 22° approach angle,[3] the Citation was powered by the 345 bhp (257 kW) 410 cu in (6.7 L) MEL V8 with four-barrel carburetor.Edsel_Citation_Convertible_1958

Edsel’s Teletouch automatic transmission, which placed its drive-selection buttons in the steering wheel hub, was standard. (This was a US$231 option on Ranger and Pacer models.) A basic heater (as a US$92 option) and radio (at US$95) were available, and air conditioning was optional as well (at US$460), plus a automatic truck opener, seat belts, and rear door safety lock[4] that could only be opened with the key, preventing children from opening the door while the car is moving.



1958 Edsel Citation Convertible


It wasn’t the first “wrong car at the wrong time,” but the 1958 Edsel Citation was the biggest flop of them all. Indeed, the very name has become synonymous with failure.
Ce n’était pas la première “mauvaise voiture au mauvais moment”, mais le 1958 Edsel Citation était le plus grand flop de tous. En effet, le nom même est devenu synonyme d’échec.
Es war nicht das erste “falsche Auto zur falschen Zeit”, aber die 1958 Edsel Citation war das größte Flop von allen. In der Tat hat der Name zu einem Synonym für Misserfolg.
Non era la prima “macchina sbagliata al momento sbagliato”, ma la Edsel Citation 1958 era il più grande flop di tutti. Infatti, il nome stesso è diventato sinonimo di fallimento.
Это был не первый “неправильный автомобиль в самое неподходящее время”, но 1958 года Эдсел Цитирование был самый большой провал всех их. Действительно, само название которого стало синонимом провала.
Det var ikke den første “forkerte bil på det forkerte tidspunkt,” men fra 1958 Edsel Citation var det største flop af dem alle. Faktisk har selve navnet blevet synonymt med fiasko.
To nije bio prvi “krivi automobil u krivo vrijeme”, ali iz 1958 Edsel Citation je bio najveći flopu ih sve. Doista, samo ime postalo je sinonim za neuspjeh.


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